CREDO Marriage & More Retreats

In this section you will find ALL the CREDO Marriage (and more) Retreat Programs in the US, Hawaii, EUROPE and JAPAN.  ALL ACTIVE-DUTY ARE ELIGIBLE.  You are welcome to attend any one you like and are not limited to any geographic location or offering.  These are all FREE! Please feel free to look through them and plan your leave/PTAD accordingly.  Not only are these retreats FREE, but you can also count your time in travel to and from, and your time at the retreat as PTAD (so save some leave!).  Note that airfare or other travel to and from the CREDO retreat location is not included - all other expenses are.

TO PARTICIPATE: PLAN AHEAD, and then simply research what works for you - in the location you want to go in the links below (perhaps in coordination with visiting home?).  After deciding on one to go to, gain permissions for your PTAD/Leave from your chain of command and contact the CREDO installation direct with the proper information to sign-up.  If your SNCOIC has questions about it being PTAD, please have them contact your Chaplain.

The USMC ORDER on the CREDO Program for your reference:
(860) 694-1144

CREDO Northeast Groton, Connecticut

CREDO Southwest
CREDO Southwest Facebook Page
(619) 532-1437

Camp Pendleton Pendleton, CA
(760) 725-4954

CREDO Navy Region Southwest San Diego, CA

CREDO Northwest
CREDO Northwest Facebook Page

Pacific Northwest Bremerton, WA
(360) 476-3793

CREDO MCI-West Facebook Page

CREDO Hawaii
CREDO Hawaii Facebook Page

Hawaii Kaneohe HI
(808) 257-1941
(808) 257-0408

CREDO MarForRes Facebook Page

CREDO CNRMA  (Mid Atlantic)
CREDO CNRMA (Mid Atlantic) Facebook Page

CREDO Middle Atlantic Region Norfolk, VA

CREDO CNRSE (Southeast)
CREDO CNRSE (Southeast) Facebook Page

Camp Lejuene Lejuene, NC (near Jacksonville, NC)
(910) 451-2900
(910) 451-2967

CREDO Naval Weapons Station Charleston Charleston, SC
(843) 764-7222
(843) 764-7912

Europe (includes: Bahrain, Germany, Greece, Iceland, Italy, Spain, United

Okinawa Okinawa, Japan

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